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The Stable Diffusion Speed Lab is a model that utilizes the concept of diffusion to generate realistic and high-quality images. It improves upon the traditional diffusion process by introducing an acceleration mechanism that speeds up the overall diffusion process. This model is useful for researchers and developers working in the field of image generation and computer vision.

Use cases

The Stable Diffusion Speed Lab has a wide range of potential use cases for researchers and developers in the field of image generation and computer vision. One possible use case is in the field of data augmentation, where the model can generate a large number of realistic images to expand training datasets for machine learning models. This can help improve the performance and generalization ability of these models. Another use case is in the domain of content creation, where the model can be used to generate high-quality images for various purposes such as graphic design, advertising, or virtual reality. Additionally, the acceleration mechanism introduced in this model can be leveraged to reduce the computation time required for image generation, making it more feasible for real-time applications such as video game development or video synthesis. Overall, the Stable Diffusion Speed Lab has the potential to be a powerful tool for image generation and has various practical applications across different industries.



Cost per run
Avg run time
Nvidia A100 (40GB) GPU

Creator Models

Whisper Jax Hindi$0.018462
Some Upscalers$0.007712,739
Speedy Stable Diffusion Inpainting$0.2668309
Flan T5$0.004668,182

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Model NameStable Diffusion Speed Lab
Stable Diffusion, accelerated
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Cost per Run$0.0069
Prediction HardwareNvidia A100 (40GB) GPU
Average Completion Time3 seconds