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The grounded_sam model is an image-to-image AI that uses mask prompting based on Grounding DINO & Segment Anything. Users input an image URL and specific prompts for masking (for example "clothes, shoes"). They can also add negative prompts (like "pants"). The model then generates appropriate masks for the specified areas in the image. Users can modify the masking with an adjustment factor. The output of the model is a series of URLs that provide the original image with the mask applied, the mask with negative prompts applied, the isolated mask, and the inverted mask images.

Use cases

The Grounded SAM AI model, tagged for image-to-image functions, offers a range of practical applications. It is designed primarily for image masking based on specific prompts, providing an image enhancement system that can highlight or suppress certain elements in an image. For example, an online retailer can use this model to distinguish various articles of clothing in product images, such as accentuating shoes while minimising the presence of pants. Similarly, fashion stylists can leverage the model to focus on individual elements in an ensemble, aiding in creating lookbooks or style guides. Another potential use case could be in the field of surveillance and security, where the model can mask out non-critical elements, providing clearer focus on objects of interest. Extensions of this model can be applied to the development of photo-editing software, augmenting existing tools with the ability to easily highlight or suppress elements in an image. Similarly, the model can be integrated into web crawlers or image search algorithms to effectively filter and sort image data based on the presence or absence of specific elements. Beyond these, industries like real estate and interior design might find use in applying or removing focus points around furniture or specific room elements in property images. Thus, with its image-to-image capacities, the Grounded SAM AI model presents a myriad of practical use cases.



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Mask prompting based on Grounding DINO & Segment Anything
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