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Yi 34b Chat


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The Yi series model, yi-34b-chat, is a large language model trained by 01.AI developers. It is designed to write scripts based on the parameters given to it. The model uses an input schema including top_k, top_p, prompt, temperature, max_new_tokens, prompt_template, and repetition_penalty. In the provided example, the model generates a Python script to download the top 10 images from Reddit's /r/pics using the PRAW (Python Reddit API Wrapper) library. The model's output will vary based on the user's specific input.

Use cases

The Yi-34b-chat AI model, developed by 01.AI, can be utilized in a variety of different contexts thanks to its ability to process and generate language-based outputs. It could be employed in the development of AI chatbots for customer service, tech support or personal assistants to answer user inquiries or execute tasks based on prompts. This is further underscored by the model's capacity to generate scripts for specific tasks, such as downloading images from popular posts on Reddit using precise libraries, making it a valuable tool for instructional applications in coding or programming. Businesses might utilize this model to provide real-time guidance and generate scripts for different tasks. Additionally, its applications could extend to content generation for blogs or technical manuals, language translation platforms, or even tutoring services for various subjects. This AI model's versatility ensures its applicability across a wide spectrum of industries and services.


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Yi 6b$?157,624
Yi 6b Chat$?3,428
Yi 34b$?2,074
Yi 34b 200k$?1,576

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Model NameYi 34b Chat

The Yi series models are large language models trained from scratch by deve...

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