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Neon Tts



The model Neon-TTS is a plugin developed by NeonAI Coqui AI which functions as a Text-to-Speech (TTS) converter. Users can input a string of text, and the model will produce a WAV audio file of the text being read aloud. The model converts written language input into spoken output, allowing for a range of potential applications, such as audiobook narration, voice assistants and more.

Use cases

The Neon TTS (Text-to-Speech) model, provided by NeonAI, is an AI plugin that can convert text input into audio output. This model can be particularly useful in a variety of applications, such as audiobook creation, automated voiceover provision, and even as a tool for those with reading or visual impairments. Given that the output is a .wav file, the system might be utilized in voicing digital assistants, driving in-vehicle navigation systems, or in interactive voice response systems for customer support. Further possible uses could extend to education technology products to improve the accessibility of online course materials, digital language learning tools to facilitate speaking and listening exercises, or in animated storytelling to generate character voices. While speculative, the model may also find use in the media and entertainment industry, particularly in cartoon shows or video games for character dialogues.


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NeonAI Coqui AI TTS Plugin.
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