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The nsfw-filter model is a tool that allows you to run any image through the Stable Diffusion content filter. The model is designed to identify and block potentially explicit or NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content in images. It uses advanced algorithms and computer vision techniques to analyze the content of an image and determine if it contains explicit or inappropriate material. The nsfw-filter model is useful for applications or platforms that need to filter out NSFW images to maintain a safe and appropriate environment for users.

Use cases

The nsfw-filter model has numerous use cases for developers and businesses. It can be integrated into photo-sharing platforms, social media networks, or online marketplaces to automatically detect and filter out explicit or inappropriate images, preventing them from being uploaded or displayed. It can also be used by content moderation teams to review large volumes of user-generated images quickly and efficiently, helping them identify and remove NSFW content. Additionally, the nsfw-filter model can be employed by parental control software or internet service providers to protect children from accessing adult content and maintaining a safe browsing experience. Furthermore, the model can be used in image analysis applications, such as image search engines, to improve search results by filtering out irrelevant or explicit images. Potential products or practical uses stemming from the nsfw-filter model could include an AI-powered image moderation platform that can be easily integrated into different applications, an automated content filtering service that ensures user-generated content aligns with community guidelines, or an image search engine specifically designed for safe and family-friendly results.



Cost per run
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Nvidia T4 GPU

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Hello World Rust$?31
Emoji Diffusion$0.01152,437
Safe Latent Diffusion$0.33811,829
Ghibli Diffusion$0.01381,107
Stable Diffusion Rs$?55

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Model NameNsfw Filter
Run any image through the Stable Diffusion content filter
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