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The Defog's SQLCoder is a state-of-the-art Language Model developed to convert natural language questions into Structured Query Language (SQL) queries. This specific model input prompts the user to convert a question into a SQL query based on a given PostgreSQL database schema. The SQLCoder model has been fine-tuned on a base StarCoder model, with a total of 15 billion parameters. The model takes various input parameters including a seed number, debug mode toggle, natural language query, number of beams and max length of query. The output is a SQL query that satisfies the input question, based on the database schema provided.

Use cases

The Defog SQLCoder AI model has numerous potential applications, particularly in data-oriented industries. For instance, in the information technology sector, it could be employed to lower the entry barrier for database inquiry, helping non-technical personnel to retrieve needed information from databases by just asking in regular language. This can possibly lead to the creation of software tools or plugins to existing platforms that empower businesses with self-service data exploration capabilities. In the finance sector, business analysts who are not proficient with SQL could use this tool to transform their information needs into actual SQL queries, making company-wide data more accessible and aiding in critical operational and strategic decision-making. Similarly, in the education sector, it could act as a learning aid for students battling with database programming, enabling them to comprehend how a variety of questions are converted into SQL queries, thus improving their learning process. Moreover, this model could form the backbone of chatbot applications in customer service operations, corporate databases, or governmental data repositories, allowing users to get personalized data insights simply by posing questions in their natural language. The queries can be transformed into SQL by the AI, running against the relevant database, and presenting the results to the user in a friendly, comprehensible format.



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Model NameDefog Sqlcoder Q8

Defog's SQLCoder is a state-of-the-art LLM for converting natural language ...

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