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musicgen is a model that can generate music from a given prompt or melody. It uses deep learning techniques to learn the patterns and structures of music and then generate original compositions based on the provided input. The model has been trained on a large dataset of music and can generate music in various genres and styles. It can be used to generate music for various purposes such as background music, jingles, or original compositions.

Use cases

musicgen has several potential use cases for a technical audience. First, it can be used by composers and musicians as a creative tool to generate new musical ideas. By inputting a simple melody or chord progression, they can explore different variations and arrangements that the model generates. This can help spark inspiration and speed up the composition process. Additionally, music producers can leverage this model to create background music or jingles for various media platforms such as commercials, podcasts, or videos. They can specify the desired style or mood, and the model can generate original compositions that fit the criteria. Furthermore, game developers can integrate musicgen into their projects to generate dynamic and interactive soundtracks. The model can generate music that adapts and responds to different events or actions within the game, providing a unique and immersive audio experience for players. Finally, musicgen can be used in educational settings to teach music theory and composition. Students can input simple melodies or chord progressions and analyze the generated compositions to understand different musical structures and techniques. Overall, musicgen opens up a myriad of possibilities for creating, exploring, and experiencing music in new and innovative ways.



Cost per run
Avg run time
Nvidia A100 (40GB) GPU

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Instructblip Vicuna13b$0.0138217,446
Zephyr 7b Alpha$?3,019
Falcon 40b Instruct$?30,603
Sql Generator$?3,481

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Generate music from a prompt or melody
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Prediction HardwareNvidia A100 (40GB) GPU
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