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Stable Diffusion Inpainting


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Stable Diffusion Inpainting is an image-to-image model that fills in masked parts of images using a stable diffusion process. It is particularly useful when dealing with large missing regions or complex structures. The model uses a patch-based approach to synthesize the missing parts, while ensuring that the inpainted regions are visually consistent with the rest of the image. It achieves this by iteratively updating the inpainted regions based on the neighboring pixels, gradually diffusing the information across the masked area.

Use cases

This AI model for stable diffusion inpainting has a range of potential use cases for technical users. One possible application is in image editing and restoration, where users can easily fill in missing or damaged parts of an image with visually consistent results. This could be particularly useful when dealing with large missing regions or complex structures, where manual editing would be time-consuming or difficult to achieve accurate results. Another use case is in the field of computer vision, where the model could be used to automatically inpaint missing parts of images in datasets or during image processing pipelines. This could improve the quality and completeness of image datasets for training machine learning models. The stable diffusion inpainting model could also be applied to other domains such as digital forensics, where it could be used to restore or enhance images that have been tampered with or corrupted. Overall, this AI model has the potential to enhance a range of image-related applications and enable new possibilities for inpainting and image restoration.



Cost per run
Avg run time
Nvidia A100 (40GB) GPU

Creator Models

Stablelm Base Alpha 7b$?532
Stablelm Base Alpha 3b$?354
Stable Diffusion$0.0897107,256,090
Stablelm Tuned Alpha 7b$0.0207100,831

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Model NameStable Diffusion Inpainting
Fill in masked parts of images with Stable Diffusion
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Cost per Run$0.0069
Prediction HardwareNvidia A100 (40GB) GPU
Average Completion Time3 seconds