Codellama 7b Instruct



The codellama-7b-instruct model is a text-to-text model with 7 billion parameters, designed for coding tasks and conversation. It takes structured input such as a prompt to write a JavaScript function or parameters like top_k, top_p, temperature, max_new_tokens, and so on for the generation process. The model then produces structured output text, which can range from code snippets, explanatory text to potential conversation responses. For example, given a prompt asking for a JavaScript function that calculates Euclidean distance, it provides the corresponding code. Its objective is to assist in generating code or responses related to coding tasks and discussions.

Use cases

The codellama-7b-instruct AI model is designed to both generate and comprehend programming code, as well as have human-like conversations. With 7 billion parameters, this AI model could be utilized in a wide range of use cases around coding and natural language processing. For instance, educational institutions and e-learning platforms could use the model to create intelligent coding tutor applications that assist students in understanding, practicing and improving their programming skills by providing suitable JavaScript code, explaining logic, and answering programming-related queries. Software development organizations might leverage the model to develop programming assistants or code generators that can inductively produce efficient codes and reduce developers' redundancies. This AI model could also be implemented in the creation of a technical support bot capable of understanding and responding to both technical and general inquiries with human-like conversations. Additionally, it could serve as a code reviewer tool that can identify and point out code redundancies, loopholes, or bugs, thereby increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the software development process.



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Codellama 34b$?6,555
Llama 2 13b$?17,926
Llama 2 13b Chat$?1,592,213
Codellama 13b$?71,820

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Model NameCodellama 7b Instruct
A 7 billion parameter Llama tuned for coding and conversation
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