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Ultimate Portrait Upscale


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The "ultimate-portrait-upscale" is a machine learning model designed to upscale portrait images. It utilizes a ControlNet Tile method to handle the upscaling while maintaining the image quality. The model accepts various parameters such as configuration, image URL, number of steps, denoise level, upscaler type, and tile width, among others. The output of the model is an upscaled, denoised image whose quality is retained or improved. It can also be adjusted to focus upon certain features in the image like skin detail, lighting, and eye color, creating a more photorealistic effect.

Use cases

The Ultimate-Portrait-Upscale AI model provides a variety of use cases primarily centered around image enhancement. Photographers could employ it to upscale and enhance the quality of portrait images, giving them a more detailed and photorealistic look. In particular, this could be useful for business portraits, where the model is able to create perfectly smooth skin textures and emphasizes features such as eye color. Another use case could be in the world of digital marketing and advertising, where enhanced, high-resolution images are essential for appeals to the audience. The model's features such as 'denoise' and 'UltraSharp Upscaler' can be instrumental in cleaning up and refining promotional photographs to create polished and appealing visual content. Furthermore, this AI model could also find applications in industries such as fashion and modeling, online publications, and even in photo restoration services where old, damaged, or low-quality images could be substantially improved and restored. It might also be integrated into image editing software as a feature that users can use to upscale and edit their own images.



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Real Esrgan V2$?135,552
Eye Color$?1,767

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Upscale Portrait Images with ControlNet Tile
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