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Sdxl Ad Inpaint



The sdxl-ad-inpaint is an Image-to-Image AI model created for generating product advertising images using SDXL. It takes inputs such as a seed for randomness, image URL, a prompt describing the image, image size, whether to apply image or not, scheduling method, product fill percentage, condition scale, and number of refinement and inference steps. The model's output is a URL for the generated advertising image. It can be used for creating modern and stylish decor images as per the provided prompt.

Use cases

The sdxl-ad-inpaint AI model serves as a dynamic tool for generating diverse product images in unique settings. Its primary function is shaping product advertising visuals, specifically synthesizing pictures based on the given input parameters. For instance, an online furniture store can employ this model to generate images of a modern sofa in a stylized contemporary living room. This not only offers customers a more vivid representation of the product but also mitigates the cost and effort associated with traditional photoshoot setups. In the realm of virtual interior design, this AI can construct detailed visual plans to help clients better understand the proposed layout. Beyond these, industries such as real estate, apparel, and home-dΓ©cor can benefit from this model to display their products in various themes and settings, enhancing engagement in e-commerce platforms, digital catalogs, and social media promotions.


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Yearbook Pics$?6,474
Fat Or Fit$?2,449
Headshot Pics$?1,048
Baby Pics$?4,820

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Product advertising image generator using SDXL
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