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Llava V1.6 Mistral 7b


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The LLaVA v1.6 (Mistral-7B) is a Text-to-Text model that assists in language and vision tasks by generating detailed descriptions based on the visual input it is provided with- often in the form of online images. Using this model, you can input a prompt and an image URL, and the model will return an array of strings describing some aspect of the image related to the prompt. The output in this example explains what is unusual about an image of a man ironing clothes while standing on the back of a moving vehicle.

Use cases

The LLaVA v1.6-Mistral-7B is an innovative AI model designed for large language and vision assistance, specifically providing text-to-text descriptions and analysis based on the input of an image URL. The model's capability can be integrated into numerous possible use cases. For instance, it can be used in image captioning applications, where it can interpret images and accurately generate detailed, contextual descriptions. It could be instrumental in the development and enhancement of accessibility tools for visually impaired individuals, translating visual content into comprehensive text. It could also be useful in elementary online educational platforms, describing and explaining the essence or context of an image to students. Additionally, visual search applications could leverage this model to provide textual explanations of searched images. Lastly, it could be integrated into social media platforms to generate automatic descriptions of uploaded photos.



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Temporalnet Sdxl$?117
Llava V1.6 Vicuna 13b$?175,659
Jina Embeddings V2 Base En$?38
Jina Embeddings V2 Small En$?32
Llava V1.6 34b$?223,157

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Model NameLlava V1.6 Mistral 7b
LLaVA v1.6: Large Language and Vision Assistant (Mistral-7B)
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