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Kandinsky 3.0


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Kandinsky 3.0 is a sophisticated AI model that converts text prompts into visual images (Text2Img) or manipulates existing images (Img2Img). It can take a detailed description including width, height and specific image characteristics such as style, color scheme, and reflection and convert it to a complex image. Intermediate outputs can be controlled using the 'strength' parameter. The model also allows for negative prompts that instruct what elements should not be present in the generation, optimizing the quality and appearance of the final outcome. The output is a URL link from which the generated image can be downloaded.

Use cases

The Kandinsky 3.0 Model is a sophisticated AI tool that can generate detailed images from textual and visual prompts. Its use cases are widespread and versatile, spanning various sectors from entertainment to the automotive industry and urban development. For instance, movie producers could leverage the model's talent for creating very detailed illustrations in the style of different artists. Given a complex prompt like "Mustang, movie, person, poster, car cover," the model can generate a movie poster or a car cover design with high definition. Likewise, this AI can be employed by auto manufacturers or industrial designers seeking novel, artistic concepts for new product designs. By inputting precise keywords like "Mustang, in the style of Alessandro Gottardo, gold and cyan," the model can generate unique car designs. City planners and architects can use Kandinsky to visually represent proposed urban scenes, giving stakeholders a tangible vision of future projects. Negative prompts ensure the generated artworks avoid low quality or certain undesirable features, increasing the practicality of this AI tool in stringent professional fields.



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Creator Models

Kandinsky 2.2$?553
Realistic Vision V4$?22,354
Realistic Vision V5.1 Inpainting$?749
Proteus V0.2$?4,225
Urpm V1.3 Inpainting$?551

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