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Chatglm3 6b



The chatglm3-6b is a bilingual text-to-text chatbot model with 6 billion parameters. This translates between English and Chinese, and provides responses based on the input schema. The sample input schema suggests the model is geared towards assisting users with tasks, in the example, changing desktop wallpaper. The output schema returns a Python code explaining steps to adjust the wallpaper. Its primary function is communication, interpretation and possibly instructional, based on the conversation direction.

Use cases

The chatglm3-6b is a sophisticated bilingual language model with potential uses in many areas where text-to-text interaction is needed. For example, it could be applied in a bilingual virtual assistant, capable of conducting conversations in two languages and helping users perform tasks like changing desktop wallpapers. In customer service settings, the model could assist with bilingual communication, translating and interpreting customer's requests to help service providers respond effectively. In educational platforms, it could facilitate language learning by providing instant translations for learners. Further extending its potential, the model's capability of generating Python codes could be harnessed by software developers for code automation, where they can input their tasks in one of the two languages the model supports and receive a Python code output, potentially making the development process more efficient and inclusive for non-English developers.



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Creator Models

Jina Embeddings V2$?93
Qwen Vl Chat$?514
Qwen 14b Chat$?1,669
Jina Embeddings$?33
Chatglm3 6b 32k$?256

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Model NameChatglm3 6b
A 6B parameter open bilingual chat LLM | εΌ€ζΊεŒθ―­ε―Ήθ―θ―­θ¨€ζ¨‘εž‹
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