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Deliberate V5


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The Deliberate V5 Model is an AI model that specializes in image-to-image translation, text-to-image generation, and inpainting. It processes textual prompts to generate images and apply transformations to images. The model's input is a combination of width, height, prompt, strength, scheduler, guidance scale, negative prompt, use of Karras sigmas, and the number of inference steps. The output is an image returned in a specified internet link. The model's purpose is to generate or manipulate images based on the given input, which can range from textual descriptions to existing images.

Use cases

The Deliberate-v5 AI model, with its capabilities in Text2Img, Img2Img, and Inpainting, could be utilized in a wide range of applications. For instance, it could play an essential role in the world of digital arts and graphic design whereby based on a specified input such as a textual description 'person, 200mm', it can generate a corresponding image output. Similarly, artists and designers can use this tool to modify existing images or refine them according to specific guidelines. One potential product could be a smart digital drawing tool that autocorrects given sketches or completes them as per the user's instructions. Furthermore, the Deliberate-v5 model can be used in the area of photo restoration or digital restoration of historical documents. The inpainting feature can replace missing or damaged parts of an image by inferring from the surrounding area. From a commercial perspective, a product that caters to restoration services, photo alteration services or even applications that offer on-the-go editing features could be devised. Equally interesting, this model can also have implications in the field of education. It could be developed into a learning aid which generates visual accompaniment based on text descriptions, aiding in the assimilation of complex concepts. Lastly, considering the model's ability to interpret and follow negative prompts, it could be engineered into an application which vets user-generated content, ensuring that unacceptable or inappropriate content is automatically corrected or removed.



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Creator Models

Kandinsky 2.2$?553
Realistic Vision V4$?22,354
Realistic Vision V5.1 Inpainting$?749
Kandinsky 3.0$?93,688
Proteus V0.2$?4,225

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Deliberate V5 Model (Text2Img, Img2Img and Inpainting)
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