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Film Frame Interpolation For Large Motion



The model, Film-Frame-Interpolation-for-Large-Motion, is a tool used to enhance videos by filling in large motion gaps between frames. Presented at ECCV 2022, the model uses an input of an MP4 file and a chosen number of interpolation steps, along with playback frames per second, to create and provide a smoother video with more transition frames. This aids in creating a smoother visual experience, especially for high-action or fast-moving scenes. The output is an MP4 file with the new, interpolated frames incorporated.

Use cases

The FILM (Frame Interpolation for Large Motion) AI model, presented in ECCV 2022, is an advanced tool designed to improve video quality by optimizing frame interpolation. One direct use case could be in the entertainment and media industry, where it can assist in enhancing lower-quality footages by filling in missing frames, thereby resulting in smoother, higher-quality playback. Thanks to its particular functionality of handling large motions, it could also be beneficial for action sports broadcasts, enabling slow-motion replays with great detail. Similarly, it could aid in video game development, helping to create more realistic and immersive game environments by providing smoother animations. In the field of surveillance, this AI model could be used to improve the frame rate of footage, making it easier to observe and analyze potential security incidents. On a more consumer-based level, applications could include enhancing personal video projects, creating high-quality GIFs, or improving video calls by bridging gaps in bandwidth-limited situations. Given the increasing demand for video content across various domains, this model could potentially be integrated into a variety of products like video editing software, game development engines, or even real-time streaming platforms. By executing innumerable interpolation steps and adjusting the playback frames per second, it can significantly heighten the user's visual experience.


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FILM: Frame Interpolation for Large Motion, In ECCV 2022.
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