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Open Dalle 1.1 Lora


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The open-dalle-1.1-lora is an AI model that generates detailed images based on specific textual descriptions. The model input schema represents parameters like seed, scale, image width and height, the prompt (description) along with other settings like guidance scale, prompt strength, and the number of inference steps. The creator suggests it performs better than the SDXL model concerning prompt adherence and image quality. The output schema provides a URL to the generated image. The AI aims to generate high-quality, professional images following the given guidelines about the subject, style, and other specifics from the prompt.

Use cases

Open-dalle-1.1-lora is an advanced AI model which is superior in terms of prompt adherence and image quality compared to its predecessor, the SDXL model. It appears to have the capability to generate detailed and high-quality images based on complex textual prompts. For instance, a specified input designates the creation of a sophisticated image of a young woman in Alaska. Moreover, the model recognizes specific details such as hairstyle, accessories, texture, and the photo quality style. This technology could, for example, be used by digital artists or graphic designers to expedite rough sketching or concept art. The model could also be utilized in the gaming industry to generate unique character designs. Furthermore, interior designers or architects might deploy this AI model to produce life-like images based on descriptions of spaces. In the film industry, it could aid in storyboarding or generating costume or set designs based on script descriptions. In marketing or advertising, it might help create custom visuals for campaigns at a fraction of the time and cost. Theoretically, it could also be employed to develop an application that turns any descriptive text into a digital painting or other visual renditions. Potential uses of the model are vast, spanning various industries where visual representation creation based on specific and detailed prompts is crucial.



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Creator Models

Sdxl Outpainting Lora$?12,705
Photorealistic Fx Lora$?5,022
Photorealistic Fx Controlnet$?2,464
Dpo Sdxl Controlnet Lora$?480
Sdxl Weighting Prompts$?1,637

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Model NameOpen Dalle 1.1 Lora

Better than SDXL at both prompt adherence and image quality, by dataautogpt...

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