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Proteus V0.1


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ProteusV0.1 is an image-to-image model based on OpenDalleV1.1 with improved prompt adherence and stylistic capabilities. It takes as input parameters such as image size, description prompt, scheduler, number of outputs, guidance scale, whether to apply watermark, negative prompt, prompt strength, and number of inference steps. The model transforms these inputs into the desired image as per the given prompt, embodying specific features like specific art style or color coordination. The output is a link to the generated image. The specific use case here is creating a high-quality pixel art based on a description provided.

Use cases

The ProteusV0.1 model harnesses OpenDalleV1.1 to enhance prompt adherence and stylistic abilities for image-to-image applications. Given its advanced capabilities, several use cases can be identified across different sectors. For instance, in the digital art industry, ProteusV0.1 can be used to transform written prompts into high-quality pixel art, providing artists with original and creative inspirations. Likewise, the model could enable novel applications in commercial design, where it could assist in generating intricate product or ad visualizations based purely on text descriptions. Gaming companies might also utilize this model to create unique, detailed in-game graphics. Moreover, ProteusV0.1 could potentially be leveraged fruitfully in education, demonstrating the transition from descriptive prompts to visual renderings, aiding in teaching art, storytelling, and even AI principles. As for potential products, we might think of either a standalone AI art-generating software or a plug-in tool for existing artist suites, serving professional designers or hobbyists. In a slightly different vein, a dynamic web-based interface allowing users to experiment with AI-based image generation might be thought of as both an educational and an entertaining product.



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Realvisxl2 Lora Inference$?1,987
Wizardcoder 15b V1$?459
Vicuna 13b V1.3$?3,554
Wizardcoder Python 34b V1.0$?830

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Model NameProteus V0.1

ProteusV0.1 uses OpenDalleV1.1 as a base and further refines prompt adheren...

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