Lucid Sonic Dreams


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Lucid Sonic Dreams is a model that utilizes a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) to generate visuals that are synchronized with music. It takes an input of audio and generates corresponding video frames to create an immersive audio-visual experience. This model allows for the creation of dynamic and visually engaging content by automatically generating visuals that complement the audio.

Use cases

Lucid Sonic Dreams has a range of potential use cases for a technical audience. One possible use case is in the entertainment industry, where artists and musicians can utilize this model to create captivating music videos or live performances. By synchronizing the visuals with the music, they can enhance the overall sensory experience and create immersive and visually stimulating content. Another use case could be in virtual reality and augmented reality applications, where this model can generate visuals in real-time that respond to the audio input, resulting in a more immersive and engaging experience. Additionally, this model can be used in interactive installations or art installations, allowing users to interact with the visuals in a unique and dynamic way. In terms of products or practical uses, an AI-powered software or plugin could be developed to integrate Lucid Sonic Dreams into existing audio and video editing software, enabling creators to easily generate synchronized visuals for their music or videos. This could also be integrated into live performance software, allowing musicians to create real-time visuals during their performances. Furthermore, this model could be utilized in the gaming industry to generate visuals that respond to the in-game audio, enhancing the overall gaming experience.



Cost per run
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Nvidia T4 GPU

Creator Models

Stable Diffusion Dance$?4,741
Musicgen Looper Stereo$?43
Music Gen$?8,398
Lucid Sonic Dreams Xl$?1,951

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Model NameLucid Sonic Dreams
Lucid Sonic Dreams syncs GAN-generated visuals to music
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