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Codellama 34b Python



The codellama-34b-python model is a machine learning model with 34 billion parameters that has been fine-tuned for coding with Python. It accepts configuration parameters such as top_k, top_p, temperature, and maximum and minimum new tokens in its input schema, and these parameters help guide the model's predictions. The input schema specifies a Python coding task as a prompt. The model's output schema returns the corresponding Python code, which includes specific parts of the Python syntax. This model can be used to assist with coding tasks, generate Python code, or help learn Python syntax and programming concepts.

Use cases

The codellama-34b-python AI model, fine-tuned specifically for Python programming language and having an impressive 34 billion parameters, provides a vast spectrum of use cases. Principal among these are the fields of software development and data analysis where the model can assist in code generation, quick prototyping, and automation of repetitive programming tasks. Furthermore, it can aid in debugging by predicting and suggesting fixes to code errors based on the model's input schema. Since it is able to understand and produce function definitions, it could possibly be used in educational settings to teach Python programming, giving learners prompt-based exercises and instant solutions. Additionally, the model could be the foundation for products like intelligent Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) that provide real-time code assistance to developers. It could also power coding challenge websites by creating dynamic and diverse problem sets. Lastly, this model could be incorporated into web services that offer on-the-fly Python coding assistance or be integrated into existing non-AI coding platforms to enhance their capability.


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Codellama 13b Python$?3,775
Llama 2 70b$?157,701
Codellama 70b Instruct$?13,091
Codellama 34b$?9,519

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