Codellama 7b



The codellama-7b is a text-to-text model with a capacity of 7 billion parameters. It is specifically tuned for coding and conversation tasks. The user provides a programming-related prompt as input, and the model generates corresponding code. The model's input schema includes a range of parameters like debug, top_k, top_p, prompt, temperature, and max_new_tokens, controlling various aspects of the generated output. The output schema shows the structure of the expected output, which is a sequence of tokens constructing a piece of code.

Use cases

The codellama-7b AI model, with its 7 billion parameter Llama tuned for coding and conversation, offers a myriad of exciting use cases. Such a model can be instrumental in developing intelligent coding assistance tools and platforms, aiding experienced developers by automating routine tasks and helping beginners learn coding through interactive dialogue. It can be used in educational technology to provide personalized tutoring on coding problems, offering insights and solutions in a conversational style. This technology can also be leveraged to create an error prediction tool that uses AI to predict and correct potential coding errors based on the input, thus increasing efficiency and reducing debugging time. Moreover, the model could be employed in the field of automated software testing, where it can generate test scenarios from the code and predict possible errors, optimizing the process of quality assurance. Furthermore, companies could utilize this model in their customer support chatbots for dealing with technical issues related to software or coding. This could reduce reliance on human customer support, leading to faster resolution of issues and improved customer satisfaction.



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Codellama 34b$?6,555
Llama 2 13b$?17,926
Llama 2 13b Chat$?1,592,213
Codellama 13b$?71,820

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Model NameCodellama 7b
A 7 billion parameter Llama tuned for coding and conversation
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