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Real Esrgan Nitroviper


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The real-esrgan-nitroviper model is an image-to-image deep learning model that aims to enhance the quality of images. However, it is currently broken and should not be used. It is only publicly available for API usage and debugging purposes.

Use cases

The real-esrgan-nitroviper model can have several potential use cases for improving image quality. One possible application is in the field of digital image editing, where it could be used to enhance low-resolution images or improve the clarity and details of photographs. Another use case could be in the realm of video processing, where the model could be utilized to enhance the resolution and sharpness of video frames. Additionally, this model could be valuable in the development of computer graphics and virtual reality systems, as it can enhance the visual fidelity of generated images and create more realistic virtual environments. Overall, the real-esrgan-nitroviper model has potential in various industries that rely on image processing and visualization technology. In terms of practical products or specific use cases, this model could be incorporated into image editing software, allowing users to enhance the quality of their photographs and artwork with just a few clicks. It could also be integrated into video processing software, enabling filmmakers to enhance the visual quality of their videos during post-production. Furthermore, companies developing virtual reality systems or computer games could use this model to improve the visual fidelity of their virtual environments, resulting in more immersive and realistic experiences. The real-esrgan-nitroviper model could also find applications in medical imaging, where it could be used to enhance the quality of medical scans and improve diagnostic accuracy. Overall, there are numerous practical uses for this model across various industries that can benefit from improved image quality.



Cost per run
Avg run time
Nvidia T4 GPU

Creator Models

Latent Diffusion$0.03415,564
Dalle Mega$0.025311,984
Glid 3$0.029153,916

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Model NameReal Esrgan Nitroviper
DO NOT USE - Broken - Only Public For API Usage & Debugging
Model LinkView on Replicate
API SpecView on Replicate
Github LinkNo Github link provided
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Cost per Run$0.04015
Prediction HardwareNvidia T4 GPU
Average Completion Time73 seconds