Absolutereality V1 8 1



The absolutereality-v1-8-1 model is an image-to-image model. The model's key function is to transform an input image based on a given detailed description or directive by generating images according to the provided 'prompt'. The model utilizes a variety of sophisticated techniques and systems such as inpainting, negative embeddings, a pruned fp16 safetensor and a KarrasDPM to ensure the generated image aligns closely with the given directives. The model inputs are detailed and can include image dimensions, seed number for reproducibility, number of desired outputs and a negative_prompt for specifying attributes to avoid in the output image. The output of absolutereality-v1-8-1 is a link to the generated image. The model primitive is designed to ensure safety in the representations by screening explicit, nude, or NSFW prompts.

Use cases

The Absolutereality-v1-8-1 AI model can be used in various visual design and digital art applications due to its Image-to-Image, negative embeddings, inpainting capabilities. This AI model could be utilized by photographers and artists for enhancing or reconstructing images. For example, they could use it to improve the detail within a photo, apply certain visual filters, or even modify the environment in which a subject is presented. This could be useful in digital restoration work where key parts of a photograph or painting need to be repaired or filled in. Video game and film production companies could use this AI model to visualize concept art or generate realistic textures. Moreover, its safety checker function could potentially be used in the creation of content moderation tools. This AI model could help ensure that created or modified designs adhere to specific guidelines by preventing the output of unsafe or inappropriate images. Its negative embeddings and KarrasDPM function could be beneficial in creating AI solutions that can recognize and even effectively eliminate unwanted image features or qualities. Furthermore, it could be incorporated into a smartphone photo editing app, adding unique functionalities such as creating a detailed, vibrant, and soft lit portrait photo from a less detailed or low-quality image. The AI could also be used to create unique physical products, such as personalized art or interior design elements, by transforming customer's photos according to their preferences for colors, textures, and other factors.



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Epicphotogasm V1$?5,616
Ghostmix V2$?865
Dreamshaper V8$?1,903
Wuerstchen V2$?1,080
Epicrealism V4$?2,881

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Model NameAbsolutereality V1 8 1

T4 GPU, negative embeddings, img2img, inpainting, safety checker, KarrasDPM...

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