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The "style-your-hair" model is designed to transfer hairstyles from a reference image onto a target image, without considering the different poses of the subjects. It uses a combination of pose estimation and image synthesis techniques to achieve this task. The model takes in a pair of images with different poses, extracts the pose information from the reference image, and then synthesizes the target image with the desired hairstyle using the pose-invariant features. This enables users to easily style their hair using any reference image, regardless of the pose.

Use cases

The "style-your-hair" AI model has several use cases that can benefit from its pose-invariant hairstyle transfer capabilities. Hairstylists and salons could use this model to provide virtual previews of different hairstyles to their clients, allowing them to see how they would look before committing to a particular style. Online shopping platforms for wigs or hair products could use this model to enable customers to try on different hairstyles virtually, enhancing the shopping experience and increasing sales. Additionally, individuals could use this model to experiment with different hairstyles and find the one that suits them best without needing to physically change their hair. This AI model opens up possibilities for various products and services, including virtual makeover apps, hairstyle recommendation platforms, and even virtual reality hair styling experiences.



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Pix2pix Zero$?4,206
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Mindall E$?1,645
Compositional Vsual Generation With Composable Diffusion Models Pytorch$0.01155774

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Pose-Invariant Hairstyle Transfer
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