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The Kandinsky_v2_2 model is a Text-to-Image AI model that generates images based on a provided text prompt. The model takes inputs such as text prompt, image dimensions (width and height), image guidance scales (positive and negative), number of outputs required, and the number of iterations or steps required for inference. The model generates a URL directing to the generated image as output. It's designed to mix texts and images, which can be useful in AI art creation or visual interpretation of descriptive texts.

Use cases

Kandinsky_v2_2 is an AI model designed to generate images using text and images as inputs. It can potentially be used in several different sectors, depending on the specific needs of the user. For example, in the entertainment industry, it could be used to create concept art for films or video games based on textual descriptions, reducing the time required for manual sketching. It could similarly be employed in advertising to dynamically generate unique and eye-catching imagery based on a given marketing message. Another possible use could be in education, where it could help visually illustrate complex concepts described in text. Graphic designers and digital artists could also leverage this model to experiment with new ideas or create rough drafts to further refine manually. Products based off this model could include software applications for automatic artwork or design generation, with potential uses ranging from hobbyist art creation to professional design work.


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Generate images with Kandinsky 2.2 - Mix text and images
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