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Clipasso is a model that generates abstract sketches of objects given their images. It uses a conditional GAN architecture and is trained on a dataset of real-world images paired with corresponding sketch representations. The model takes an image as input and produces a sketch that captures the high-level structure and essence of the object in an abstract form. This can be useful for generating artistic renderings or for tasks that require abstract representations of objects.

Use cases

Clipasso could have several use cases in various domains. In the field of art and design, it could be used as a tool for artists to quickly generate abstract sketches of objects as a starting point for their creative process. This could save time and provide artists with new and unique perspectives. Additionally, in advertising and marketing, Clipasso could be utilized to generate eye-catching and visually appealing abstract representations of products or brand logos. This could help companies create distinct and memorable visuals for their promotional materials. In the computer graphics industry, Clipasso could be used to generate abstract object representations for virtual reality environments or video game assets, providing a novel and artistic twist to digital worlds. Overall, Clipasso has the potential to be integrated into various products and software applications that require abstract representations of objects, opening up possibilities in fields such as art, design, advertising, and computer graphics.



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Draws an abstract sketch of an object
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