Stable Diffusion High Resolution


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The stable-diffusion-high-resolution model is a model that generates detailed, high-resolution images using Stable Diffusion. Stable Diffusion is a technique that allows for the generation of higher-quality images compared to other diffusion models. The model uses a refined diffusion process coupled with a generator network to generate the images. It can be trained on various datasets and is capable of generating images with fine details and high level of realism.

Use cases

The stable-diffusion-high-resolution model has several possible use cases in a technical context. First, it can be used in fields such as computer graphics, where high-quality and detailed images are required. The model can generate intricate textures, realistic lighting effects, and complex shapes, making it valuable for rendering environments, objects, or characters in video games, movies, or virtual reality experiences. Second, it can be employed in design and advertising, allowing designers to quickly generate high-resolution visuals for product mockups, architectural concepts, or promotional materials. This model can significantly speed up the creative process by automatically generating realistic images with fine details. Additionally, the stable-diffusion-high-resolution model can be used in scientific research, enabling scientists to simulate and visualize intricate molecular structures, fluid dynamics, or other complex phenomena. Overall, this model opens up possibilities for practical applications in industries that require high-resolution imagery and realistic renderings.



Cost per run
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Nvidia A100 (40GB) GPU

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Pix2pix Zero$?4,206
Night Enhancement$0.0104520,721
Mindall E$?1,645
Compositional Vsual Generation With Composable Diffusion Models Pytorch$0.01155774

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Model NameStable Diffusion High Resolution
Detailed, higher-resolution images from Stable Diffusion
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Cost per Run$0.1656
Prediction HardwareNvidia A100 (40GB) GPU
Average Completion Time72 seconds