Stablelm Tuned Alpha 7b


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The stablelm-tuned-alpha-7b model is a language model developed by Stability AI. It has 7 billion parameters, making it a very large and powerful model. The purpose of this model is to generate text and perform various natural language processing tasks. It has been fine-tuned on a large amount of data, which allows it to understand and generate human-like text. This model can be used for a wide range of applications, including text generation, language translation, sentiment analysis, and more.

Use cases

The stablelm-tuned-alpha-7b model has a wide range of possible use cases for technical audiences. One use case is text generation, where this model can be used to generate unique and coherent paragraphs of text for various purposes such as content creation, chatbots, or virtual assistants. Another use case is language translation, where this model can be trained to translate text from one language to another, enabling seamless communication across different cultures and regions. Additionally, this model can be applied to sentiment analysis, allowing companies to analyze and understand the sentiment expressed in large volumes of text data for market research or customer feedback analysis. Other potential applications include language modeling, question answering, summarization, and more. Overall, the stablelm-tuned-alpha-7b model holds the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with and process text, opening up new possibilities for innovative products and practical uses in various industries.



Cost per run
Avg run time
Nvidia A100 (40GB) GPU

Creator Models

Stable Diffusion$0.0897102,807,479
Stablelm Base Alpha 3b$?215
Stablelm Base Alpha 7b$?532
Stable Diffusion Inpainting$0.006915,376,702
Stable Diffusion Img2img$0.0138855,600

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Model NameStablelm Tuned Alpha 7b
7 billion parameter version of Stability AI's language model
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Paper LinkNo paper link provided


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Cost per Run$0.0207
Prediction HardwareNvidia A100 (40GB) GPU
Average Completion Time9 seconds