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Realvisxl V3


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RealVisXL_V3.0 is a model designed for creating photorealistic images. It is based on the SDXL architecture and is trainable. Given a complex and imaginative prompt, this model can generate an image that looks very real. The image dimensions can be determined by input attributes such as width and height. It also allows adjustments on other image properties like noise factor, image refinement, guidance scale, and prompt strength. A negative prompt feature is also available to exclude particular image styles. The finished output is a URL link to the generated image.

Use cases

The RealVisXL_V3 AI model, built on SDKL and capable of learning, offers uses particularly in situations requiring photorealistic digital renderings. Its primary function is to convert a description into a high-resolution image, indicating potential use in the creation of unique graphic designs or visual content for websites, blogs, social media platforms, or digital marketing campaigns. For instance, consider a scenario where the input is 'A photo of an astronaut riding a rainbow unicorn through a wildflower meadow'. The model will output a URL to a potentially photo-realistic image based on this description, eliminating the need for a human designer's intervention. This kind of system could provide foundational technology for a range of products, such as a graphics generator for web design or a tool for content creators in need of customized imagery. There is an implication here of substantial time and effort saved in the field of digital art creation. It might also be useful in gaming industry, for generating game environments on the fly based on game narrative. In advertising, this model could be used to produce mock-ups based on creative briefs. It's important to note, however, negative prompts (like 'worst quality') are meant to be avoided, suggesting the model's focus on creating high-quality, realistic visuals.



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Sdxl Santa Hat$?475
Star Trek Adventure$0.0483154
Sdxl Dots$?167
Sdxl Cats Movie$?479
Sdxl Barbietron$?1,285

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Model NameRealvisxl V3
Amazing photorealism with RealVisXL_V3.0, based on SDXL, trainable
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