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Controlnet 1.1 X Realistic Vision V2.0


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ControlNet 1.1 x RealisticVision v2.0 is a model designed to generate realistic images from line art. It utilizes the ControlNet 1.1 architecture and applies the RealisticVision v2.0 framework to produce visually convincing images. This model can be beneficial for various applications, such as creating realistic images from sketches or enhancing the visual appeal of line art.

Use cases

The ControlNet 1.1 x RealisticVision v2.0 model has some good use cases. Firstly, it can be employed in the field of graphic design and illustration. Artists and designers can use this model to convert their line art sketches into realistic images quickly and effortlessly. This could be particularly advantageous for creating lifelike concept art or visuals for advertisements and marketing materials. Additionally, this model could be utilized in the development of computer games, where designers often need to generate realistic graphics from initial sketches. Another practical application could be in the animation industry, where this model can be used to enhance the visual quality of hand-drawn animations by transforming them into photorealistic images. Overall, the ControlNet 1.1 x RealisticVision v2.0 model has the potential to enable various innovative products and services that leverage the power of AI to rapidly transform line art into visually stunning images.


Cost per run
Avg run time
Nvidia A100 (40GB) GPU

Creator Models

Controlnet Lineart Inpainting X Realistic Vision V5$?442
Multi Controlnet X Consistency Decoder X Realestic Vision V5$?2,862
Instant Id X Juggernaut$?28,867
Swap Sd$?5,655
Controlnet X Ip Adapter Realistic Vision V5$?137,315

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Model NameControlnet 1.1 X Realistic Vision V2.0
controlnet 1.1 lineart x realistic-vision-v2.0 (updated to v5)
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Cost per Run$0.0138
Prediction HardwareNvidia A100 (40GB) GPU
Average Completion Time6 seconds