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Ip Adapter Faceid


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The IP-Adapter-FaceID is a research model that generates various style images based on a given face and text prompts. The model takes in parameters such as seed value, dimensions (width and height), a textual description of the scene (prompt), a source face image, the number of outputs required, negative prompts (what to avoid) and the number of inference steps. The user must agree to the research only clause. In return, the model outputs URLs towards the generated stylized images as per the given inputs.

Use cases

The IP-Adapter-FaceID AI model is capable of generating diverse style images based on a given face, with the usefulness of text prompts to guide the output. This has a variety of potential applications. One possible use case is in the gaming industry as a tool for character creation or simulation. Users could generate unique characters based on real life faces, using text prompts to modify styles. Another potential use is in film or animation where this AI can bring script descriptions to life with character modeling or scene creation, while adhering to specific style directives. This model could also be utilized in fashion and advertising to create stylized version of models wearing different outfits or placed in various scenarios, as determined by the text prompt. VIrtual reality companies could use this tool to generate personalized and stylized avatars for users based on their own face image. On a more practical level, it could be used in a product development process where design sketches are often brought to life using 3D modeling. Additionally, a tool that recreates faces in different styles could be used in the forensics field to generate composites of suspects. Furthermore, the model could be developed into a personalization app, where users can create stylized versions of their selfies based on their prefered text prompts.


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Realvisxl2 Lora Inference$?1,987
Wizardcoder 15b V1$?459
Vicuna 13b V1.3$?3,554
Wizardcoder Python 34b V1.0$?830

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Model NameIp Adapter Faceid

(Research only) IP-Adapter-FaceID can generate various style images conditi...

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