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Urpm V1.3


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The URPM-v1.3 model is a text-to-image model that can generate a new image based on any given input text. It utilizes the URPM algorithm to transform the input text into a visual representation. This model is designed to provide a way to generate images directly from textual descriptions.

Use cases

The URPM-v1.3 model has several potential use cases for a technical audience. One possible application is in the field of computer graphics and visual effects, where this model could be used to generate realistic images based on text-based descriptions of scenes or objects. Additionally, this model could be used in the gaming industry to automatically generate images for virtual environments, characters, and objects based on textual input. It could also be integrated into content generation tools for graphic design, allowing designers to quickly create visual representations of their ideas without needing to manually create or search for images. Furthermore, it could find application in the advertising field, where it could generate images based on textual descriptions of products or concepts. Other potential products or practical uses of this model could include an image search engine that allows users to search for images using natural language queries, a chatbot with the ability to generate images based on the conversation, or a tool for creating personalized artwork based on user input. Overall, the URPM-v1.3 model presents exciting opportunities for automating the process of generating images from text and opens up possibilities in various industries and creative fields.



Cost per run
Avg run time
Nvidia A100 (40GB) GPU

Creator Models

Rpg V4 Img2img$?1,985
Edge Of Realism V2.0$0.0207112,841
Absolutebeauty V1.0$?222,707
Dreamshaper V6 Img2img$?70,293
Dreamshaper V6$?415,627

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Model NameUrpm V1.3
Generate a new image given any input text with URPM v1.3
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Cost per Run$0.0138
Prediction HardwareNvidia A100 (40GB) GPU
Average Completion Time6 seconds