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Codellama 7b


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The codellama-7b model is an AI model with 7 billion parameters that is finely tuned for coding tasks and conversations. It takes an input schema presented in a programming context and returns programming code with conversation in an output schema format. The model can generate code for functions, including sum, subtraction, and multiplication of numbers, including the necessary syntax and comments.

Use cases

The codellama-7b AI model, with 7 billion parameters and being finely tuned for coding and conversation, opens up a wide array of potential use cases. For instance, it could be employed in an educational environment to help students learn to code by providing human-like interaction and real-time coding solutions. Software development companies could leverage it as an intelligent programming assistant that not only generates code but also converses with developers to clarify ambiguities. The model could be embedded into an integrated development environment (IDE) to propose code snippets or fix bugs, based on the developers' prompts, which could significantly increase their productivity. Furthermore, it may help beginners familiarize themselves with various programming concepts through conversation and demonstration. Future iterations of this model could be used to develop standalone applications that help people learn and practice coding or to build an AI-powered code generation and troubleshooting platform.



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Creator Models

Codellama 13b Python$?3,775
Llama 2 70b$?157,701
Codellama 70b Instruct$?13,091
Codellama 34b$?9,519

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Model NameCodellama 7b
A 7 billion parameter Llama tuned for coding and conversation
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