The "illusion" model is a Text-to-Image type AI developed by Monster Labs. It is based on the ControlNet on top of SD 1.5 and is designed to generate an image based on the given prompt while excluding characteristics listed in the negative prompt. Input parameters include image characteristics like seed, width, border, height, guidance scale, qr_code_content, and qrcode_background, as well as prompts. The output of the model is a URL leading to the generated image. The example shows that the model can generate medieval city street scenes as oil paintings, excluding features such as being ugly, disfigured, low-quality, blurry, or not safe for work.

Use cases

The "illusion" AI model developed by Monster Labs integrates the ControlNet system on top of SD 1.5, with the capacity to translate specific text-based prompts into detailed image outputs. In terms of potential use cases, the model could be utilized across a range of creative industries, such as in digital art creation, graphic design, or even more complex sectors such as film and gaming, specifically in the creation of scenery or background images. Another promising application could be in urban planning or architectural design, with the ability to visualize city streets, buildings, trees, and people, as the input schema suggests. Any profession or industry that requires image-based visualization could potentially benefit from the application of this model. The technology could also be developed into a product, such as a software application for professional designers, architects, or educators that require image creation from text-based descriptions. Overall, the practical uses of this model are far-reaching, offering significant potential for industries requiring detailed, high-resolution image creation from text inputs.



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Llama 2 13b Embeddings$?172,645
Codellama 7b Instruct Gguf$?46
Llama 2 13b Chat Gguf$?1,352
Codellama 34b Instruct Gguf$?60
Llama 2 7b Embeddings$?30

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Monster Labs' control_v1p_sd15_qrcode_monster ControlNet on top of SD 1.5
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