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Realistic Voice Cloning



The Realistic Voice Cloning (RVC) model uses AI to lend any trained voice to a given audio or song. The user can input the desired song file and select a voice such as 'Squidward'. Additional parameters like 'pitch_change', 'rms_mix_rate', 'reverb_size', 'volume change' are configurable to customize the output. The model then processes the audio by replacing the main vocals with the AI voice chosen. The output is a cloned mp3 audio file with the selected AI character's voice singing the input song.

Use cases

The Realistic Voice Cloning AI model can be put into a variety of use cases. One significant use could be in the music industry, where this model could be used to create song covers in distinct, possibly celebrity, voices, enriching music production with greater variety and a twist of originality. This could pave the way for entirely new types of music and albums in the voices of AI trained models. Similarly, this model could be a game-changer in the film and broadcasting industry, allowing the production of dubbing in different character voices. In the field of audio books or other platforms that provide voice-over services, this model could add richness and diversity to the narration instead of monotone human voices. Possible products could include personalized music tracks, AI voiceover services for films and shows, or even audio adaptations of books in the voices of certain characters, bringing stories to life in a whole new way. Furthermore, for those who are trying to learn a song, the model could provide practice tracks in various voices.


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Model NameRealistic Voice Cloning
Create song covers with any RVC v2 trained AI voice from audio files.
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