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High Resolution Controlnet Tile


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The high-resolution-controlnet-tile is an open-source model implementated by for creating high-quality upscaled images. Its purpose is to not only enhance the resolution of images but also stimulate more creative reinterpretations of them. Among the customizable input attributes are the HDR level, the number of processing steps, the creativity level, the resolution, and the resemblance to the input image. The user can also guide the model by indicating undesirable outputs such as bad anatomy or low quality through negative prompts. The model's output is a high-resolution image.

Use cases

The high-resolution-controlnet-tile AI model is designed to upscale images with high quality resolution. This model, developed by has a wide range of applications. For instance, it could be used by graphic designers to revamp or enhance low-quality, deteriorated, or outdated graphic resources without losing the details and nuances of the original piece. Additionally, it may play a significant role in the field of photography where photographers could potentially upscale their shots without worrying about loss of image quality or fine details. The model also has potential utility in the film industry for the purpose of restoring old, low resolution footages or images. Its application could also be extended to the fields of forensic science and scientific research where analysts or researchers may need to upscale microscopic or very detailed images. The model's ability to encourage hallucination also has potential in the realm of digital art, where artists might be interested in incorporating unexpected, AI-generated elements into their work. Leaning into the "prompt" feature, companies could develop software or applications which allow users to customize image outputs based on their own creative directions.


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Sdxl Outpainting Lora$?12,705
Photorealistic Fx Lora$?5,022
Photorealistic Fx Controlnet$?2,464
Dpo Sdxl Controlnet Lora$?480
Sdxl Weighting Prompts$?1,637

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Model NameHigh Resolution Controlnet Tile
Description open-source implementation of an efficient ControlNet 1.1 tile f...

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