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The sdxl-gta-v model is a machine learning model that has been trained on artwork from the video game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). It is based on the SDXL (Self Distillation and Cross Learning) architecture and has been fine-tuned specifically for GTA V art. The model is designed to generate high-quality images based on input images from the game.

Use cases

The sdxl-gta-v model can be applied in a variety of use cases for generating realistic images based on GTA V art. One potential use case is in video game development, where designers can use the model to quickly generate art assets and landscapes that match the style of GTA V. Additionally, the model could be used in virtual reality or augmented reality applications to enhance the visual experience by producing realistic and immersive environments. Another application could be in the film industry, where the model could be used to generate concept art or pre-visualizations for scenes set in a GTA V-like environment. Moreover, the sdxl-gta-v model has the potential to be integrated into creative software tools, enabling artists and designers to generate custom assets quickly. Lastly, the model could be utilized in research projects related to computer graphics and visual perception, providing valuable insights and datasets for further analysis. Overall, this AI model has various practical uses and has the potential to facilitate creative workflows and visual content production in multiple industries.



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Material Diffusion V2.1$?324
360 Diffusion$?675
Sdxl Finland$?158
Sdxl Woolitize$?879
Material Diffusion Sdxl$?712

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Model NameSdxl Gta V
A fine-tuned SDXL based on GTA V art
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