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The llama-2-70b-chat is a text-to-text model from Meta that contains 70 billion parameters and is fine-tuned for chat completions. It is developed to provide responses that are helpful, respectful, and honest while ensuring the content is safe, unbiased, and positive. The model refrains from sharing false information. Its input schema includes parameters like top_p, prompt, temperature, system_prompt, max_new_tokens, and repetition_penalty. The output schema is an array of strings forming descriptive text, such as a poem. The model can create content like writing a poem about open source machine learning in the style of a specific poet.

Use cases

The llama-2-70b-chat AI model, with a high parameter count of 70 billion, is fine-tuned extensively for chat completions and can be used in several conversational AI applications. For instance, this AI model can be utilized to power an AI chatbot on websites or in customer service applications to provide users with more intelligent, context-aware, and satisfying interactions. It can be used in literature, art, or entertainment fields to help generate creative content such as poem or story writing, given its ability to take prompts and produce relevant content in return. The AI model can also find its utility in education or research fields, where it can assist students or researchers in generating ideas or responses to complex theoretical queries. Due to it's safe and unbiased nature, it can also provide teachings about ethical considerations in different scenarios. The model could be incorporated into AI-based learning platforms to cater to the different learning scenarios. Finally, it can be employed in social media platforms to auto-complete content or posts, enhancing user experience by suggesting contextually relevant and innovative wording and expressions.



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Codellama 34b$?6,555
Llama 2 13b$?17,926
Llama 2 13b Chat$?1,592,213
Codellama 13b$?71,820

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A 70 billion parameter language model from Meta, fine tuned for chat comple...

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