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Pixray Text2pixel


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pixray-text2pixel is a text-to-image model that converts textual descriptions into pixel art. It takes a textual input as a description and generates a corresponding pixel art representation. The model has been trained on a dataset of text-image pairs and has learned to understand the relationship between text descriptions and pixel art. It can be used for various applications such as generating pixel art illustrations for descriptions or converting text-based game descriptions into pixel art representations.

Use cases

The pixray-text2pixel AI model has several potential use cases for technical audiences. It can be employed to generate pixel art illustrations based on textual descriptions, enabling artists or designers to quickly translate ideas into visual representations. This could be useful for creating book covers, website graphics, or other visual elements that require a simple, retro aesthetic. Additionally, the model can convert text-based game descriptions into pixel art representations, enriching the gaming experience with unique visuals. New gaming experiences can be created by transforming narrative elements or game mechanics into pixel art form. Other potential applications may include generating pixel art avatars or emojis based on textual inputs. Overall, the model offers a means to effortlessly bridge the gap between textual descriptions and pixel art, opening up a range of creative possibilities.



Cost per run
Avg run time
Nvidia T4 GPU

Creator Models

Pixray Vqgan$?87,375
Bex Research Portfolio Code$?750
Pixray Tiler Future$?1,657
Pixray Genesis$?160,519

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Model NamePixray Text2pixel
Turn any description into pixel art
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