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Codellama 34b Instruct


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The codellama-34b-instruct model is a 34 billion parameter Llama AI model that is proficient in both coding and conversational tasks. The given input schema tells us that the model is primed with a prompt to write a function for a Fibonacci sequence in a pirate language. It specifies that responses should be written in Python, with parameters including a top_k of 50, top_p of 0.9, a temperature of 0.75, and penalties for repetition and frequency. The output schema represents a Python function for generating the Fibonacci sequence along with an explanation in pirate language.

Use cases

The codellama-34b-instruct AI model, having been trained on 34 billion parameters and tuned for coding and conversation, offers an array of possible applications. This model is suitable for integrating into educational platforms for computer science and programming, where it could be utilized to generate lessons in a gamified, conversational way by simulating dialects like pirate language for engaging instruction. In the business sector, this AI could be deployed in the development of coding chatbots to assist and guide in-house developers or clients in coding tasks and projects, simultaneously offering a touch of humor in communication. Tech companies can also leverage its capabilities to aid in generating documentation or in code review automation. This model has the potential to be integral in making coding more accessible and enjoyable for learners and seasoned programmers alike, thereby fostering improved coding skills and productivity. In gaming, it might be part of an advanced character AI system, where the character can help users code as part of the game scenario. For software development tools, it can become an interactive guide that helps coders learn languages directly in the IDE with a more engaging and casual tone.


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Codellama 13b Python$?3,775
Llama 2 70b$?157,701
Codellama 70b Instruct$?13,091
Codellama 34b$?9,519

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Model NameCodellama 34b Instruct
A 34 billion parameter Llama tuned for coding and conversation
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