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Dreambooth Batch


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The dreambooth-batch model is built for batch inference with a focus on image generation. The model takes a batch of image prompts along with various parameters such as the number of outputs, the scheduler, a safety check disable function, and a seed for random number generation. The input schema allows for customization of each image's creation, with properties that can positively or negatively influence the resulting artwork. The output of this model is a series of URLs, each pointing to an image created based on the provided input parameters. It's mainly useful for generating a batch of images based on specific prompts and parameters.

Use cases

The Dreambooth Batch AI model is designed to create targeted image outputs based on specific prompts and parameters, including negative prompts to avoid certain characteristics. There are vast use cases for this AI model, especially in creative and digital fields. For instance, in graphic design, this model can be utilized to create unique designs or art based on specific themes or genres. Filmmakers can use it to generate concept art, storyboards, or visual ideas for scenes or characters. For marketing purposes, this model can generate images for social media campaigns, advertisements, or promotional materials based off a specific set of parameters related to a brand's aesthetic. In education, it could be used to help in creating visual aids for learning, or for creative exploration in arts-based learning modules. Possible products that leverage this AI model could include creative software platforms for non-professionals, offering an easy-to-use, AI-assisted design tool that reduces the need for complex design skills or training.



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Bfirshbooth 21$0.0253443
Song Of The Sea Sdxl$?225
Real Esrgan A40$?196,704

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Model NameDreambooth Batch
batch inference for dreambooth trainings
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