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Blue Pencil Xl V2


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The Blue Pencil XL v2 is an artificial intelligence model designed for multiple applications such as converting text to image (Text2Img), image-to-image conversion (Img2Img), and digital image restoration or inpainting. Users provide a text prompt, for example "anime, illustration, sketch, girl, little smile, scenery, seaside, wind" and the model generates an image based on that prompt. The models' input parameters include the seed, width, height, the text prompt, strength, guidance scale, and the number of inference steps. The output of this model is an image URL.

Use cases

The Blue Pencil XL v2 Model is a versatile AI model with a wide range of potential applications, as it is capable of the tasks Text2Img, Img2Img, and Inpainting. For Text2Img, you could use it to transform detailed text descriptions into high-resolution images, making it useful in industries such as film or book illustration, video game production, or even furniture design, where concept visualization is key. As for Img2Img, where the model manipulates an input image to generate a modified one, it could find practical use in areas such as digital artistry, fashion design alterations, or real-estate virtual staging. The Inpainting ability of this model, which can fill in missing or damaged parts of an image, might prove particularly useful in photo restoration, or even in forensic science where reconstructing obscured or hidden parts of images might be needed. Overall, products could range from user-friendly apps for rendering text narratives as visual art to professional applications for designers or investigators needing to transform or repair images.


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Creator Models

Kandinsky 2.2$?553
Realistic Vision V4$?22,354
Realistic Vision V5.1 Inpainting$?749
Kandinsky 3.0$?93,688
Proteus V0.2$?4,225

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Model NameBlue Pencil Xl V2
Blue Pencil XL v2 Model (Text2Img, Img2Img and Inpainting)
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