Cantable Diffuguesion


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The cantable-diffuguesion model is a text-to-audio model that generates and harmonizes Bach chorales. It uses AI to analyze and synthesize the musical structure, melody, and harmony of Bach's compositions. The model can create new variations of Bach chorales by combining different musical elements in a cohesive and harmonious way.

Use cases

The cantable-diffuguesion model has several potential use cases for technical users. One possible application is in music composition, where it can help composers generate new variations of Bach chorales by providing them with AI-generated harmonizations and melodic structures. This could aid in the creation of original compositions that are musically consistent with Bach's style. Another potential use case is in music education, where the model could be used as a tool for students to study and analyze Bach's compositions. By providing synthesized audio outputs of different harmonizations and variations, the model can help students understand the underlying musical concepts and structures. Additionally, the model could be incorporated into music production software and digital audio workstations, allowing musicians to experiment with different Bach-inspired harmonies and melodies in their compositions. With further development and refinement, the cantable-diffuguesion model has the potential to be integrated into a wide range of music-related products, such as mobile apps for music creation and composition, AI-powered virtual music tutors, or even interactive installations in music museums.



Cost per run
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Nvidia A100 (40GB) GPU

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Llama 2 13b Embeddings$?172,645
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Codellama 34b Instruct Gguf$?60

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Model NameCantable Diffuguesion
Bach chorale generation and harmonization
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