Mistral 7b Openorca



Mistral-7B-OpenOrca is a text-to-text model fine-tuned with the OpenOrca dataset. It has a pre-set input template that prompts for user queries and formats the response. The model holds discourse by writing out reasoning step-by-step for accurate responses. For every user input, the model generates a detailed explanation. It is suitable for applications that require in-depth context-based conversation.

Use cases

The Mistral-7B-v0.1 AI model, which is fine-tuned for chat functionality using the OpenOrca dataset, could have potential use cases in a wide variety of sectors. As a text-to-text model, one of its principal applications could be in customer service operations in businesses where it can be employed as an intelligent chatbot. By breaking down complex concepts into simple explanations, the AI could serve as a powerful teaching aid in the field of education or personal tutoring, enhancing the learning experience of students. In the tech industry, it could be deployed to provide answers to programming related queries, a task demonstrated in its description. The ability to answer queries accurately can be leveraged to build an AI-powered Q&A platform for diverse subjects. Governance services could use it to create interactive systems that explain complicated policies to citizens in a straightforward manner, thereby improving public communications. The model's versatile capabilities open up possibilities for a wide range of applications in industries where there is a need for interactive text-based guidance or information provision.



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Causallm 14b$?446
Llama 2 70b Chat Awq$?15
Stablecode Completion Alpha 3b 4k$?152
Samsum Llama 7b$?108
Whisper Large V3$?546

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Model NameMistral 7b Openorca
Mistral-7B-v0.1 fine tuned for chat with the OpenOrca dataset.
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