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Vicuna 7b V1.3


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Vicuna-7b-v1.3 is a Text-to-Text language model created by lmsys. It takes a specific prompt as an input, along with parameters such as temperature and max_new_tokens, which affect the degree of creativity and length of the output respectively. The model then processes this information and generates descriptive text outputs. The example provided illustrates the model examining differences between the alpacas, vicunas, and llamas. It's ideal for delivering detailed, well-structured, and extended written content.

Use cases

The Vicuna-7b-v1.3 is a sophisticated AI model with a specialty in text-to-text transformations. Its use cases span across several industries due to its ability to understand queries and generate comprehensive answers. For example, educational institutions may utilize it as an instructive tool to deliver detailed explanations to students' questions. Moreover, businesses can employ it to refine their customer service operations by providing round the clock responses to customer inquiries. In the publishing industry, it can be used to generate content summaries or detailed explanations on complicated topics. The tech industry might find it useful in creating chatbots for user interaction on various platforms. Additionally, this tech may prove instrumental in developing personal AI assistants that can answer inquiries with in-depth responses. It can also be used for research purposes where a detailed explanation of a concept is required. Overall, the potential products and practical uses of this model across different sectors seems promising.



Cost per run
Avg run time
Nvidia A100 (40GB) GPU

Creator Models

Realvisxl2 Lora Inference$?1,987
Wizardcoder 15b V1$?459
Vicuna 13b V1.3$?3,554
Wizardcoder Python 34b V1.0$?830

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Model NameVicuna 7b V1.3
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Prediction HardwareNvidia A100 (40GB) GPU
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