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Llama 2 13b Chat


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The llama-2-13b-chat model by Meta is a fine-tuned, 13-billion-parameter language model designed for conversational completions. It interacts based on a particular input schema consisting of various elements like top_p, prompt, system_prompt, and temperature, which determine the nature and style of the generated text. The model assures the delivery of safe, respectful, honest, and helpful responses that steer clear of any harmful, unethical, and socially biased content. In a given example, it adeptly composes a story about the Irish countryside in 2083, written in the style of James Joyce. The model's output schema demonstrates its flexible narrative capability.

Use cases

The llama-2-13b-chat AI model from Meta has been fine-tuned specifically for chat completions, offering a myriad of practical uses in technology and communication fields. With the capability to correctly follow prompts provided by users, businesses can employ this model to power customer service chatbots, enhancing customer experience by offering fast and accurate responses across various subjects. The creative handling of prompts could serve literature, media, and entertainment sectors, where the AI could aid in content creation, e.g. writing stories or dialogues. Educational settings could also benefit from this model by using it to provide instant responses or elaborations on complex topics, thereby creating an interactive and engaging learning environment. Its applications could also extend into virtual assistants or AI-hosted online events, offering a real-time, dynamic interaction tailored to individual prompts. Furthermore, the model encourages respectful and honest communication, creating a reliable and safe platform for chat integrations.



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Creator Models

Codellama 13b Python$?3,775
Llama 2 70b$?157,701
Codellama 70b Instruct$?13,091
Codellama 34b$?9,519

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Model NameLlama 2 13b Chat

A 13 billion parameter language model from Meta, fine tuned for chat comple...

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