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Real Esrgan V2


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The Real-ESRGAN v2 model is an AI-based model that specializes in image enhancement and transformation. It receives an image URL as an input and produces an enhanced image at a specified scale as an output. The model has the ability to correct and enhance facial features, particularly the mouth and eyes. Its main function is to upscale the image while making necessary face corrections and enhancements, leading to a high-quality output image.

Use cases

Real-ESRGAN v2 is an advanced AI model tailored for image-to-image use cases, particularly beneficial in scenarios where image enhancement, upscaling, and facial correction plays a pivotal role. The creator describes it as an Upscale with AI Face Correction utility, indicating its ability to improve and augment the fidelity of low-resolution images and correct facial features. This allows for practical use in a variety of fields. For instance, surveillance and security services can leverage this model to enhance and clarify CCTV or any other low-quality footage for more accurate identification. In digital photography and film production, Real-ESRGAN v2 can perform image upscaling and facial enhancements, refining images while preserving original aspects and details and offering more vibrant and sharp visual content. Beyond these, social media platforms can incorporate this technology to instantly improve user-uploaded images, further enhancing their user experience. Plus, in forensic imagery analysis or historical photo restoration, it can yield higher quality, clear visual aid for a better understanding and analysis. The range of outputs addresses end-users who require enhanced image quality and can range from sophisticated software for video and image editing, mobile apps for real-time photo enhancement, or restoration software marketed to institutions such as museums or libraries.



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Creator Models

Eye Color$?1,767
Ultimate Portrait Upscale$?15,605

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Model NameReal Esrgan V2
Real-ESRGAN Upscale with AI Face Correction
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