LLaVA 13b Delta V0 Science_qa



NOTE: This "delta model" cannot be used directly.Users have to apply it on top of the original LLaMA weights to get actual LLaVA weights.See https://github.com/haotian-liu/LLaVA#llava-weights for instructions. LLaVA Model Card Model details Model type: LLaVA is an open-source chatbot trained by fine-tuning LLaMA/Vicuna on GPT-generated multimodal instruction-following data. It is an auto-regressive language model, based on the transformer architecture. This model is finetuned on ScienceQA dataset. Model date: LLaVA was trained in April 2023. Paper or resources for more information: https://llava-vl.github.io/ License: Apache License 2.0 Where to send questions or comments about the model: https://github.com/haotian-liu/LLaVA/issues Intended use Primary intended uses: The primary use of LLaVA is research on large multimodal models and chatbots. Primary intended users: The primary intended users of the model are researchers and hobbyists in computer vision, natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Training dataset 595K filtered image-text pairs from CC3M. ScienceQA dataset. Evaluation dataset A preliminary evaluation of the model quality is conducted by creating a set of 90 visual reasoning questions from 30 unique images randomly sampled from COCO val 2014 and each is associated with three types of questions: conversational, detailed description, and complex reasoning. We utilize GPT-4 to judge the model outputs. We also evaluate our model on the ScienceQA dataset. Our synergy with GPT-4 sets a new state-of-the-art on the dataset. See https://llava-vl.github.io/ for more details.


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LLaVA 13b Delta V0$?505
LLaVA Pretrained Projectors$?0
Llava Vicuna 7b V1.1 Lcs_558k Instruct_80k_1e Lora Preview_alpha$?32
LLaVA 7b Delta V0$?667
LLaVA Lightning MPT 7B Preview$?1,820

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Model NameLLaVA 13b Delta V0 Science_qa

NOTE: This "delta model" cannot be used directly.Users have to apply it on ...

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