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Model overview

The animix model, created by OedoSoldier, is a text-to-image AI model designed to generate high-quality anime-style illustrations. It is a fine-tuned variant of Anything V4.5 that has been trained on a large dataset of anime images, allowing it to capture the essence of anime art with impressive accuracy.

The model is available in two versions: an 18 MB LoRA model and a full base model that merges LoRA with Anything V4.5. The full model is recommended for training your own character models, as it is particularly effective for creating anime characters.

The ambientmix model, also created by OedoSoldier, is a further fine-tuned variant of the animix model. It is trained on a selection of beautiful anime images, resulting in more delicate and ambient-feeling illustrations with a lesser AI-generated appearance.

Model inputs and outputs


  • Text prompts that describe the desired anime-style image, including details about the character, scene, and artistic style


  • High-quality, anatomically-correct anime-style illustrations that accurately capture the essence of the input prompt


The animix model can generate a wide range of anime-style illustrations, from detailed character portraits to sweeping landscapes and fantastical scenes. It excels at creating clean, visually-striking images that faithfully represent the anime aesthetic.

The ambientmix model builds upon the capabilities of animix, producing even more refined and atmospheric illustrations. The images generated by ambientmix have a slightly softer, more ambient feel, while still maintaining the high level of detail and accuracy.

What can I use it for?

Both the animix and ambientmix models are well-suited for a variety of applications, including:

  • Creating illustrations and concept art for anime-inspired projects, such as manga, light novels, or video games
  • Generating character designs and world-building assets for roleplaying games or other creative projects
  • Producing visually-striking, anime-style promotional materials or social media content
  • Experimenting with and exploring the anime art style through personal artistic projects

Things to try

One interesting aspect of the animix and ambientmix models is their ability to seamlessly blend different elements and influences within a single image. Try experimenting with prompts that combine various anime tropes, such as fantasy and sci-fi, or that blend realistic and stylized elements. You can also explore the models' capabilities in generating dynamic, action-oriented scenes or whimsical, dreamlike landscapes.

Additionally, consider using the ambientmix model to create more atmospheric and emotive illustrations, leveraging its refined aesthetic to evoke a specific mood or feeling. The model's strengths in capturing delicate details and nuanced compositions make it well-suited for producing visually-striking, evocative artwork.

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The ambientmix model is a fine-tuned variant of the Animix model, trained on selected beautiful anime images. It aims to produce more delicate anime-like illustrations with a lesser AI feeling compared to the original Animix model. The maintainer, OedoSoldier, has provided examples showcasing the differences between ambientmix, Aniflatmix, and Animix. Model inputs and outputs The ambientmix model takes text prompts as input and generates anime-style illustrations as output. It utilizes VAEs, samplers, and negative prompts to refine the generated images. The model provides recommendations for specific settings to achieve the best results, such as using the Orangemix VAE, DPM++ 2M Karras sampler, and including negative prompts like EasyNegative and badhandv4. Inputs Text prompts describing the desired anime-style scene or character Outputs High-quality anime-style illustrations generated from the input text prompts Capabilities The ambientmix model is capable of generating delicate and visually appealing anime-style illustrations. It demonstrates an improved ability to capture the nuances of anime art compared to the original Animix model, resulting in a more ambient and less artificial-feeling output. What can I use it for? The ambientmix model can be a valuable tool for artists, designers, and content creators who wish to incorporate high-quality anime-style visuals into their projects. Its capabilities make it suitable for creating illustrations, concept art, and even background scenery for anime-inspired media, such as webcomics, animations, or visual novels. Things to try One interesting aspect of the ambientmix model is its ability to generate anime-style illustrations with a more ambient and atmospheric feel. Users could experiment with prompts that evoke a sense of serenity, tranquility, or contemplation, such as scenes of characters in natural settings or introspective poses. Additionally, leveraging the recommended settings, like the Orangemix VAE and DPM++ 2M Karras sampler, can help refine the output and achieve the desired aesthetic.

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The aniflatmix model, created by maintainer OedoSoldier, is designed for reproducing delicate, beautiful flat-color ligne claire style anime pictures. It can be used with tags like ligne claire, lineart or monochrome to generate a variety of anime-inspired art styles. The model is a merger of several other anime-focused models, including Animix and Ambientmix. Model inputs and outputs Inputs Images for image-to-image generation Text prompts that can specify attributes like ligne claire, lineart, or monochrome to influence the style Outputs Anime-inspired illustrations with a flat-color, ligne claire aesthetic Images can range from simple character portraits to more complex scenes with backgrounds Capabilities The aniflatmix model can generate a variety of anime-style images, from simple character poses to more complex scenes with backgrounds and multiple subjects. The flat-color, ligne claire style gives the output a distinctive look that captures the essence of classic anime art. By using relevant tags in the prompt, users can further refine the style to achieve their desired aesthetic. What can I use it for? The aniflatmix model could be useful for creating illustrations, character designs, or concept art with an anime-inspired feel. The flat, minimalist style lends itself well to illustrations, comics, or even posters and other visual media. Content creators, artists, and designers working on anime-adjacent projects could find this model particularly helpful for quickly generating high-quality images to use as references or drafts. Things to try Experiment with different tags and prompt variations to see how the model responds. Try combining ligne claire with other style descriptors like lineart or monochrome to explore the range of outputs. You can also try adjusting the prompt weighting of these tags to fine-tune the balance of the final image. Additionally, consider incorporating the model into your existing workflows or creative processes to streamline your anime-inspired artwork production.

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The detail-tweaker-lora is an AI model designed for image-to-image tasks. While the platform did not provide a detailed description, similar models like LLaMA-7B, sdxl-outpainting-lora, and cog-a1111-ui suggest it may have capabilities for tasks such as image generation, outpainting, and anime-style image production. Model inputs and outputs The detail-tweaker-lora model takes image data as its input and produces modified or generated images as output. This could include tasks like increasing image detail, making stylistic changes, or generating new images based on input prompts. Inputs Image data Outputs Modified or generated images Capabilities The detail-tweaker-lora model appears to have capabilities for refining and enhancing images, potentially with a focus on anime-style imagery. It may be able to add details, adjust styles, and generate new images based on provided inputs. What can I use it for? Users could leverage the detail-tweaker-lora model for a variety of image-related projects, such as personalizing anime-style artwork, enhancing digital illustrations, or generating new images for use in creative projects, games, or online content. Things to try Experimenting with different input images and prompts could reveal interesting capabilities of the detail-tweaker-lora model, such as its ability to handle diverse subject matter, styles, and levels of detail. Users may also find success in combining this model with other image-processing tools or techniques to achieve their desired results.

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The EimisAnimeDiffusion_1.0v is a diffusion model trained by eimiss on high-quality and detailed anime images. It is capable of generating anime-style artwork from text prompts. The model builds upon the capabilities of similar anime text-to-image models like waifu-diffusion and Animagine XL 3.0, offering enhancements in areas such as hand anatomy, prompt interpretation, and overall image quality. Model inputs and outputs Inputs Textual prompts**: The model takes in text prompts that describe the desired anime-style artwork, such as "1girl, Phoenix girl, fluffy hair, war, a hell on earth, Beautiful and detailed explosion". Outputs Generated images**: The model outputs high-quality, detailed anime-style images that match the provided text prompts. The generated images can depict a wide range of scenes, characters, and environments. Capabilities The EimisAnimeDiffusion_1.0v model demonstrates strong capabilities in generating anime-style artwork. It can create detailed and aesthetically pleasing images of anime characters, landscapes, and scenes. The model handles a variety of prompts well, from character descriptions to complex scenes with multiple elements. What can I use it for? The EimisAnimeDiffusion_1.0v model can be a valuable tool for artists, designers, and hobbyists looking to create anime-inspired artwork. It can be used to generate concept art, character designs, or illustrations for personal projects, games, or animations. The model's ability to produce high-quality images from text prompts makes it accessible for users with varying artistic skills. Things to try One interesting aspect of the EimisAnimeDiffusion_1.0v model is its ability to generate images with different art styles and moods by using specific prompts. For example, adding tags like "masterpiece" or "best quality" can steer the model towards producing more polished, high-quality artwork, while negative prompts like "lowres" or "bad anatomy" can help avoid undesirable artifacts. Experimenting with prompt engineering and understanding the model's strengths and limitations can lead to the creation of unique and captivating anime-style images.

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