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BERT-base-uncased is a pretrained language model that has been trained on a large corpus of English text. It uses a masked language modeling objective to learn an inner representation of the English language. This pretrained model can be used for tasks such as sequence classification, token classification, and question answering. It has been trained on the BookCorpus dataset and English Wikipedia using a vocabulary size of 30,000. The model has been trained on 4 cloud TPUs with a batch size of 256 and uses the Adam optimizer. When fine-tuned on downstream tasks, BERT-base-uncased achieves good performance on tasks like sentiment analysis and text classification. However, it is important to note that the model may have biased predictions, and this bias can also affect all fine-tuned versions of the model.

Use cases

BERT-base-uncased can be used for a variety of natural language processing tasks. It is particularly useful for tasks that require the understanding of the overall meaning and context of a sentence. Some possible use cases include sentiment analysis, where the model can be fine-tuned to classify the sentiment of a given text, text classification tasks where the model can be used to classify documents into different categories, and question answering tasks, where the model can be trained to answer questions based on a given context. Additionally, BERT-base-uncased can be used for token classification tasks, such as named entity recognition, and for masked language modeling tasks, where the model can predict the missing word in a sentence. Overall, BERT-base-uncased provides a powerful tool for natural language processing tasks and can be used to improve the accuracy and performance of various applications and products in this domain.



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Gpt2 Large$?263,455
Xlm Roberta Large Finetuned Conll02 Dutch$?378

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Pretrained model on English language using a masked language modeling (MLM)...

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